About Amy

Some quick facts about Amy:

  1. She’s been in online marketing for over 5 yearsprofile pic chat amy pop content
  2. She’s been a huge tech/internet/computing/gamer geek since she was 6 years old
  3. She studied Neuroscience at the University of Dundee
  4. She’s constantly learning and is fascinated by what makes us all tick. Behavioural psychology is a great way to intrigue her.
  5. Because of point 3. she’s fascinated by criminology; understanding why criminals behave in certain ways. Mainly because it’s completely alien to her.
  6. Also because of point 3, she knows a whole lot about what makes us buy online.
  7. She loves movie’s, especially thrillers and documentaries.
  8. She’s a huge dog lover; and finds it hard to trust people who dislike dogs. Seriously guys. What’s going on there?
  9. She genuinely loves helping people; don’t worry about reaching out if you only have a simple question. She’ll happily help.
  10. She really, really believes in building this business around her client’s needs and not her own. So if you have any feedback – don’t hesitate to tell her. She’ll be so pleased you reached out, even if it’s super negative.
  11. She’s the biggest fan of podcasts she’s ever come across. If you know of a good one, please tell her!


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 Amy is who you’ll directly work with if you hire POP Content to be your business’s content marketing consultant.

As with any ‘new hire’ we figure you might like to get to know her a little. She was originally trained at university as a Neuroscientist, but as soon as she realised she was much more of a people person than a lab rat, she made her way straight to the exit – and into the online marketing world.

Having spent over 5 years seeing for herself what does (and what does not) work online, she was itching to share it with people she really cared about. People who she could see had such great potential to help others – but just couldn’t seem to get their websites to work. People like her, that had a dream of running a business and ultimately making a positive impact on the world with their products and services.

When content marketing started to creep into the picture much more, after Google changed it’s algorithms and a lot of websites who had been using unethical ‘black-hat’ techniques had their traffic plummet, she was deeply affected by honest entrepreneurs stories of failure and loss and wanted to make sure her clients never had such negative stories to tell. And so, she dived straight into content marketing, a type of marketing that not only helps businesses gain more traffic and a better reputation in their customers eyes, but that is genuinely encouraged by Google.

In her first 2 months developing her content marketing website, she herself was already getting traffic for very relevant search terms (such as ‘article writing services’) from having written just 5 pages of copy and 3 blog articles .

And now, she’s looking for some wonderful clients that she can help to make their dreams of a better business website a reality. Check out our content marketing services here if you’d like to work with Amy, or contact her directly using the contact form.


Amy’s Story (in her own words)

Growing up geeky

I first got the marketing ‘bug’ when I was 12 years old, and had to make a ‘magazine’ as a school project where I became totally fascinated by the whole process; especially the adverts! We weren’t asked to add adverts, but it felt seriously unrealistic not to add some, so I did. I was a really curious kid, so since that time, I’ve been pestering just about everyone I come in contact with to get to know them better – I love to know what makes people ‘tick’, and what their life story is. [I also really wanted to know why on earth adverts for banks start off with stories about families. Complete emotional blackmail – those evil geniuses!]

I have also always loved computing – I started writing poetry on my dad’s mac when I was about 6, and spent hours playing Call of Duty and the Sims in my teenage years. (Side note: my brother and I never completed Day of the Tentacle and I really hope one day we do. Also, I really hope those poems never show up.)

University & first online marketing job

I followed a path to neuroscience at university – not realising that it was specialising in pharmaceuticals, where I was much more fascinated by the psychological science of decision making. I know, big mistake! Once I finished my degree, I knew for sure I wanted to get back into something more marketing related – so I landed an internship at an up and coming online marketing start up. I LOVED every second, learning all kinds of things about websites, search engines, online sales and offline sales – it was wonderful. And at the end, I was hired and spent 4 amazing years with them.

But I always had a niggling drive in me to do more – you might call it a little entrepreneurial ‘bug’. It started as a whisper, then grew louder and louder until I could no longer ignore it. I wanted to go it alone, so I could push harder and gain more for my clients. So I handed in my resignation. Probably a totally irresponsible, mad thing to do but I don’t regret it. I felt like there was so much I could offer to so many amazing business owners – and I stubbornly wanted to do it myself!

So here I am, a stubborn, optimistic and happy content marketer – looking to help other entrepreneurs with the ‘bug’ to make sure they make their dreams come true.

What I can offer you today

I’m so happy to have started this business and want nothing more than my clients to be amazed by what I can do for them and come home with the ROI to show for it. I want you to be able to shout out amazing things about how I turned your website into a gold mine and made your business goals a reality. With my experience in the industry, I can offer you a great deal of knowledge about content marketing, websites and SEO and teach you how to implement it so that your business shines.

These days the story of you and your business as a whole is what sells – not just simply listing your services online.

I can promise you I will always be straight up and honest – I won’t even accept you as a client if I don’t think I can help. I would feel genuinely terrible if I let you down, so I simply don’t want to risk working with someone I don’t think I can help. If I think your money would be better spent on other marketing types other than content marketing, (like a leaflet drop or just paying to feature on someone else’s website) I’ll tell you and if possible even recommend you to someone who might be better positioned to help.

Because I can’t help but be honest with you, you have to know something else –  I can promise you that content marketing is not a quick fix – but it’s usually an absolute necessity. If you don’t start trying content marketing now, it’s only going to get harder catching up later, so whether you hire a content marketing consultant or want to do it yourself – please at least have a go!

I can also promise you I’m not the traditional ‘hard seller’ type, I don’t believe this really works well any more, and I only want to offer you advice that I would follow myself.

Lastly, and controversially, I promise you there will be better content marketers out there just now – likely in London & New York, costing thousands per hour.  I can also promise you won’t get anyone as passionate, skilled and as knowledgeable as I am, at my price.

Although I assume there are better content marketers, I haven’t met a better one in person, so please know, my 5 + years in the industry has put me in a unique position – where I know a whole lot, but I need many more success stories before I start charging £5000 for a consultation!

If you think I might be a good fit for you, use the POP Content contact form here and I’ll be back in touch asap!

I can’t wait to work with you on your content marketing – and congratulations on breaking the mould and being your own boss.