Weekly Content Marketing Guidance

Could weekly content marketing be the answer to your under-performing website?

Weekly content marketing is a great way to improve your site, without incurring the full cost of hiring a new website marketer onto your team.

It could be exactly the marketing service you need if the following paragraph sounds like you:

You’d like to increase the number of customers getting to your website and, more importantly, increase the number of enquiries and sales (or ‘conversions’) that your website is pulling in.

Trouble is, you’ve only got about an afternoon a week to put towards your marketing; and it takes that long to come up with what changes need to be made, never mind actually implementing them.

Each week your website seems to head to the back of the priority list – but it’s so frustrating when you look at it’s traffic and conversion results and remember how much time and money you’ve already invested into it and the return on investment is completely rubbish.

You know you’re supposed to be using Google analytics, tweeting, posting on Facebook, making videos and writing articles – but honestly – who on earth has all that time?

You have to serve your current customers or there won’t be any website any more – nor a business!

You also know that your competitors are zooming ahead leaps and bounds with their website’s; and the longer you leave yours inactive, the longer the journey’s going to be to get back to a point where it competes.

Instead of attempting to continue being the best in your business, while simultaneously trying to become an expert content marketer during the evenings and weekends (and throwing out any hopes of going on vacation with your family ever again) – why not leave the heavy lifting to us. We can offer you your own personal content marketing consultant, at your beck and call on a weekly basis.

Weekly content  marketing is right for you if:

  • You have around 2-6 hours a week that you can work on your website

  • You’re not getting enough people to your website

  • You want to get more leads or sales through your website

  • You hate hard selling and would rather have a loyal group of customers that love your company as much, if not more, than you do

Contact Pop

On a weekly basis, we’ll send you instructions on precisely what you should be doing that week to improve your marketing and your website. They’ll be tasks that you can perform in that 2-6 hour weekly window you set aside for marketing (and if you find your window is growing ever smaller, you can always move onto our Full Content Marketing & Strategy Implementation Service).These  are not generic emails of content marketing  advice like ‘analyse your keyword content’ or ‘here’s how to find a blog to write’. Your emails will contain tangible tasks on how to change and improve YOUR website. We’ll perform the analysis of your site and of your target market online and advise you on what exact tasks will help your website perform each week. And the awesome thing is, you’ll be left to do the kind of work that’s best done by you – the specialist  in your industry with a passion for your products, and we’ll be left to do the work that’s best done by us – the specialist in our industry with a passion for content marketing. After all, I can almost guarantee, that the best performing and most shared content in your industry – will be written by an expert in that industry, that’s had the advice of a great content marketer.

What you can expect from your content marketing guidance:

  • Article ideas, including titles, subheadings & descriptions of of what content to include and how exactly to optimise that article for search engines
  • Tweaks and changes to current content to improve your SEO, for example, how to write better meta data or increase keyword content for each article
  • Guidance on areas we feel you could improve on (e.g. sales copy edits)
  • Promotional tasks, including suggested places to guest post or influencers to reach out to; and how to best reach out to them.
  • A helping hand that you can go to for advice on a weekly basis that knows your website inside out

What we need from you

  • A clear idea of what your product/service is
  • A clear idea of who your target market is
  • Access to your Google Analytics/Search Console (if you have it, it will help a lot!)
  • Dedication – you won’t see the results if you can’t make the changes. They’re not hard things, but it takes time for anyone to write a good article.

If weekly content marketing guidance sounds like the perfect product for you, simply contact us today or fill out your brief and we’ll get back to your with a quote.

(If you’re strapped for time and not for cash, we’d suggest opting for our full strategy and analysis & implementation service.)