Making your website a 24 hour salesman

  • Amy 
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Content marketing is all about creating a website that makes your customers more loyal and grabs the attention of new ones. Making your website a 24 hour salesman isn’t a simple task – it takes time, effort and some expertise – but it is well worth the investment. Once it gets going, there’s no better return on investment out there; your website can be the best staff member you ever had – pulling in new leads, creating better relationships with your current customers all without a monthly salary or annual holidays – they are even at work while you sleep!

The idea behind making your website a 24 hour salesman through content marketing is very simple – provide your customers what they are looking for online and they’ll keep coming back to your website. Usually that simply means providing useful information – the kind of information you would give to potential clients in a meeting – but putting it online and providing it as and when they want it. Beat your competition and have a website more useful to your customer than theirs – and you’ll be onto a winner.

Content marketing does a multitude of great things for your business:

  1. Customers will see you as a leader in your industry, someone they can turn to for genuine advice
  2. You won’t have to ‘hard sell’ – your customers will get the information they want, when the’re ready for it, and by the time they are ready to buy – they will be unlikely to choose anyone else but the business that has been most helpful, open and honest – yours!
  3. Because of your better reputation & genuine helpful advice, customers will recommend you to their friends – which helps your sales AND search engine optimisation!

How do you make your website a 24 hour salesman?

It’s not easy – but you CAN do it!

Find what questions your customers need answered

The first thing we would suggest is to cast your mind back to the conversations you’ve had with clients in the lead up to a sale; what questions did they ask? What information did they need before they decided on you? Why did they ultimately choose you and not a competitor? Often, the answers throw up ideas for articles and sales page content. You should use your website like a conversational tool – in person, you can gauge what information each client you have is looking for because they are directly asking you questions. But, when you aren’t there in person, you still need to answer those questions and ease any doubts.

That’s why blog articles and a good sales page can make all the difference in making sales online – 24 hours a day. Whenever a prospect asks you a question, check your website – does it answer that question? If you find that question is asked a lot, and the information is on your website, maybe it’s too hidden. Or if it’s not there – add it! Consider the number of people who have read your website and didn’t bother to get in touch to ask you when they couldn’t find the answer they needed. That’s why you need to be consistently listening and producing content that sells!

If you’re truly stuck on this, or you’re a brand new business so have no conversation to work from, check out our article on finding content your customers want to read.

Answer those questions – honestly & as helpfully as possible

Answering those questions isn’t easy – and we know sometimes those answers aren’t things you want made known to your competitors. The truth is though, if you hold back too much online, then no one will want to come to your website – simply because it isn’t any use to them. And chances are, if they wanted to know that information – they can find it on someone else’s website anyway. The challenge for you is to answer that question better than your competitors. Talk in a way that let’s your customer know you actually care. And if it means giving away a few little secrets and advice for free – do it. It will only enhance your trustworthiness, prove you know what you’re talking about and make potential clients like you more. Especially if you give out handy tips when your competitors don’t.

The more helpful you can be, the more your content will be noticed and shared. The more it’s noticed, shared and linked to – the higher your rankings in Google and the higher your relevant traffic to your website (hooray!). That doesn’t mean you can just write an article and people will see – you do still need to work on promotion (more on that later in our blog).

Use their language

If you take just one thing away from this website, know this – talking in your customers language sells far better than talking in technical jargon. Yes, knowing certain terms and using them correctly can show you know your stuff – but it can also confuse your customers and may put them off reading really useful advice. For example, people don’t often come to us saying, “I need better content marketing” – they are far more likely to say, “my website doesn’t get enough traffic” or “my website just isn’t pulling in any leads”. Because of this, it is a much better idea for me to write articles like “How to get more traffic to your website” than “Using content marketing to improve your keyword density”.

You can get to know they language they use (and the problems they have) by looking back at sales emails, looking into forums and even checking out comments on competitors websites and Facebook pages. 

Don’t forget calls to action

It may seem obvious, but people so often get caught up in writing the right information and being helpful that they forget to ask their audience to do anything. Whether you want more enquiries, meetings, sales or subscribers, remember to ask! Otherwise, people will read your content, feel helped – and leave.

With that being said, I hope you found this helpful – below are my calls to action – and I’d love to read your comments about how you got along making your website a 24 hour salesman!

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