Find an article to write fast – that your customers actually WANT to read

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Find an article to write that your customers want to read – and the SEO and conversion rates should soar.

We all know it sucks to get writers block – especially when you’re trying to grow your business. Every idea for content seems to have already been done – and done well. So how do you find an article to write that’s worth your time writing? Find an article to write that’s being searched for already using our tips and tools below.

It can be really easy – and surprisingly fast – to find article titles that your customers wouldn’t just love to read – they are literally crying out for you to write!

In this article, I’m going to cover how to find some great article ideas that will help you get your business blog going and hopefully peak the interest of your customers too.

So you can really see how to find articles to write, I’ve used an example in some of the methods below for a catering company in Dundee.

1. Check out and answer questions on “Quora”

Quora is a wonderful platform for asking and getting answers to your questions. And for speed – it certainly is the fastest way to find an article to write. It took me about 2 minutes to sign up for free, then simply type my industry into the question box and voila! Relevant questions-a-plenty. In the case of our caterers in Dundee, you simply type in ‘catering’ and go. Click over to the ‘answer’ tab to see recent questions:


Now, obviously not EVERY question is something relevant that you should write an article about; but there are some complete gems! For example, if you find a lot of your clients are asking “how much?” and you can see on here someone has asked it too – it’s reasonable to consider that writing a useful guide for people to use when looking for the right price from their caterer should do really well online. You could write a guide with some ballpark figures for people to consider in your area, as well as what factors might be at play when caterers price (e.g. location, travel costs, guest number, quality of food etc). If you wanted to be even more helpful, you could even give some helpful tips in a second article about how to negotiate with caterers – giving real life examples could help too!

If you do write an article like this, I would suggest bookmarking the question on Quora, and posting your article when it’s written with your answer – it will give it an extra chance to get shared by the people you want to share it and help with your reputation as well as SEO.

2. Check Out Reviews & Case Studies

Another method of finding out what your clients are asking is to check out reviews and case studies for similar products; if you delve into long reviews of similar products or services, you should be able to pick out particular ‘pain points’ of your target markets (e.g. “doesn’t deliver on time” could turn into an article about “How we keep our delivery faster than the rest”).

If you sell goods, you can search competitor sites such as amazon and trawl through reviews. If you sell services, try sites in your industry such as tripadvisor if you’re in the tourism industry or sites like review centre.  If you can search by rating, try searching for the bad reviews – so you know what really annoys your target market.

reviews find an article to write

Note lesson no.1 – don’t shout abuse at potential customers – who knew?!

In the first example I clicked on, some things that people complained about seemed obvious – for weddings, the food you serve at a tasting session should be the same quality they expect on the day (Even more obvious – caterers, please don’t answer your phone drunk to customers and shout abuse at them – eep). One thing that came from a nice review, however, is how much they appreciated having a caterer they can rely on to deliver a buffet on short notice – definitely something a caterer could write an article about. If possible, you could even add a new service page for ‘last minute catering packages”. An article title could be something like “Last minute office catering ideas” where you could highlight your buffet options as well as some handy tips for booking caterers last minute.

This method again, may not produce articles that may be being searched for, but it is likely to throw up useful ideas for content that will increase sales on your website. And getting to know your market better is never a bad thing!

3. Your Current Clients Are A Gold Mine

Your current clients have been convinced to buy from you already – and they may have given you more than just their hard earned cash! During the process of them buying from you, what questions did they ask? If you can’t remember, simply dive back into your emails and see what kind of questions your clients were asking before they bought. More than likely, there will have been many more potential clients who left your site because you hadn’t answered those questions – your clients are the rare few who simply got in touch to ask!

Now I don’t have these questions to hand as I’m not a caterer in Dundee, but I would imagine common questions might be things like:

  • How much does it cost per head?
  • Can you service XXXX location?
  • Do you provide wait staff?

So tap into this gold mine of content ideas and get those questions answered; whether they are worthy of a full article or simply need added to an FAQ list, it’s one way to enhance the sales on your website.

While this is a great way to find articles to write about on your site, if you haven’t started your business yet, you won’t have this information. But don’t panic – you can always try out…

4. Mining Forums With FAQ Fox

FAQ Fox is one of my favourite free tools to use to get some great article ideas – that people are literally asking for! All you need to do to find an article to write is to enter a keyword that you think you might like to be found for; usually something really broad. So for a caterer in Dundee, I might simply pick the word ‘caterer’ or ‘catering’. Then, you enter in websites that you might commonly find your target market to be on – the best ones I find are usually forums where people are posting their questions. So, for example with catering in Dundee, I found the following websites that were useful to search on FAQ fox  (annoyingly, there are not a lot of catering/event planning forums out there – but if anyone has any ideas, please comment and I’ll do more searching!):

After rummaging around and tweaking keywords I’ve come up with the following ideas in around 30 minutes:

  • Businesses want to know if they can claim back  VAT on catering costs
  • People running private events want to know whether to hire a caterer or a personal chef
  • Potential weddings have specialist needs such as: Vegan catering, Multi-cultural catering, Sushi catering
  • People are looking for venues that allow them to hire their own caterers
faq fox forum find an article to write

Not all the questions will be relevant – but the ones that are can be complete diamonds!

Just from this short list and 2 searched forums, you could now create a multitude of different articles to attract customers as well as Google (hooray!).

Here a couple of titles I’ve come up with using this method that would make great new articles:

  • How to save VAT on catering your event in 2016
  • Caterers vs Personal Chefs – find the right one for you
  • Hire your own caterer: Top 10 venues in Dundee that let you cater your own way
  • Hire your own caterer: Top 10 venues in Scotland that let you cater your own way
  • Unusual catering – our 5 most unusual catering choices you can have on your wedding day!

Of course there are many more you could come up with that could help target new audiences and convert customers who might be considering your services; but these are just a couple to get your imagination going.

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