Content Marketing Strategy & Step-by-step Plans

All of your competitors and fellow entrepreneurs seem to be getting great results from content marketing and you want a piece of that action. Question is – do you really need a content marketer to get there? Or can you do it yourself?

Content marketing can offer a great deal of benefits when done the right way. It can generate instant results, but more importantly – it generates much more valuable, long-term results. However, before you dive straight in and start typing furiously – be aware that you’ll most likely need a content marketing strategy to be successful with it.


Content Marketing Strategy

Why should you bother with content marketing?

We like to think of content marketing as a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet (you fad diet being more like a hugely expensive ad campaign); sure a fad diet might be quick, and you’ll drop some weight quickly – but usually, it comes back with a vengeance and you end up with a worse problem than you started with!

Content marketing is like a long term healthy eating plan, where you reap the rewards slowly but consistently until you get to a place where you see the fruits of your labour everyday while doing very little to maintain it. Sound good? Well read on!

It is of absolute importance, whether you choose to have a professional content marketer create the plan or if you want to DIY, that you do create a content marketing strategy if you want to see any success from your efforts.

Did you know that 66% of successful marketers have a documented strategy, whereas only 11% of those who are unsuccessful do?

A good content marketing strategy and plan can completely set your website apart from your competitors, but it’s not the easiest thing to create. It involves analysis of the current online situation, research into where the target market are and what they want as well as expertise in creating a plan that will successfully target that market online.

We can step in and analyse your current content situation, the potential your content might have online and develop a strategy for you to implement. At the end of it, if you don’t think you’ll have the time to implement it, we can help there too; however we strongly recommend getting involved because no one knows your products and services better than you!

A Custom Content Marketing Strategy by POP Content

We create a custom content marketing strategy & plan that you can follow yourself to make your website much more successful. It’s all about driving the right types of customer to your website and ensuring you build their trust when they get there so they’re comfortable making a purchase with you.

The benefits of a custom content marketing strategy with POP Content:

  • Make sure you’re not wasting time writing about the wrong things

  • Find out what areas are most important to focus on

  • Get to know which areas of your analytics are important to focus on

  • Tweak content to ensure it’s bookmarked correctly by search engines

  • Promote your content effectively

  • Get a 12 week calendar of ‘To-Dos’ you can actually follow

  • Get your website noticed by your customers


Fill out your brief here and we can get started on your content strategy – or just contact us if you have any questions.