Why Choose POP Content?

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Have your marketing done by a content marketing specialist


Give your customers the story that actually sells


Get the professional support you need to make your website start bringing in customers


At POP we want to make sure your products and services ‘pop’ off your customers screens and into their minds, like some kind of magical voodoo. You’ve spent a great deal of time developing something great and we want to give your products and services the credit they deserve.

Are you unhappy with the number of enquiries and sales your website pulls in? Do you feel like you’ve wasted your investment in a great looking site – because no one but your family ever sees it? Do you know you have to market it better – but don’t have the time to become an internet marketer on top of running your own business?

Before you give up all hope and accept your website as a loss, or you jump into a cheap black hat SEO campaign – get in touch with POP Content. We help businesses turn their websites around and become successful. Whether you have a low budget and want to do most of the work yourself but just need some guidance, or you just want a professional to sort it all out for you – we can help.

Before publicising this website, with just a few unfinished pages and about 5 blog posts, we were already being found for relevant search terms (like ‘blog writing services’) – so we know content marketing works. And we want to help great businesses out there with genuinely helpful products to get their businesses found by the people they can help.

We’ll create content that can transform your online presence and we’ll make sure the process is incredibly easy for you – so you can spend more time working on your business.


If you don’t want to give up on your website – get in touch here.

Why Should I Want Content Marketing Specialists?

We are content marketing specialists – put simply, this means we specialise in writing & creating marketing strategies for an online audience. You might be wondering what the difference is between normal content and specialised internet content. Content written for the internet doesn’t just have to convince your target market to buy from you; it needs to compete with content on other websites in order to be found in search engines. After all, you could have the best content in the world, but if no one can read it, your business could still fail.

We don’t just specialise in the writing either; in order to have a successful website, you need to have content that sells well on your sales pages, informs well on your non-sales pages, drives the right traffic to your website and ultimately you need to promote your content too. We have the tools and the know how to show you the right way to get it done – so you can make the most from customers who are looking for you online.