Here’s a collection of reviews from some of our favourite clients; feel free to browse through and get in touch with any of them if you have any questions.

We’d also recommend following them on their social media channels if you’re interested in their products; they’re some of the most inspiring businesses we’ve had the pleasure to work with and the quality of their products and dedication to their clients is outstanding.



passion fruit paws and peonies content marketing review

Maria, Passion Fruit, Paws & Peonies

"My personal lifestyle blog would not be where it is today with out Amy's valuable assistance. I know she cares deeply about my business and does what ever she can to help me make a success of things. I feel I have an integral, reliable, knowledgeable and personable member of my team in Amy and I look forward to working ...
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weekly content marketing review Guide to adulthood

Dan from GuideToAdulthood.com

"Amy Jordan was knowledgeable, experienced, and created customized tips and advice that went "above and beyond" the usual stuff you get online. I'm extremely grateful for her dedication to my project and the way she opened me up to new possibilities for content marketing. I highly recommend her if you need someone in your corner to create natural, organic traffic ...
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jorges habit logo content marketing advice

Brandy, Founder of Jorge’s Habit

"The knowledge I gain from their services is priceless. Their newsletter is also full of information. It’s easy to understand and put to real use. I have read hundreds of blogs, articles, and posts and I could never grasp what it is I need for my business. I am convinced that this is the service to use." (more…) ...
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David & Elle, Founders of Jumpanzee

"Nothing was generic or something we could have found with a quick Google search. Instead, you really took the time to look at our existing blog, articles, website, and brand before tailoring your recommendations for Jumpanzee." (more…) ...
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