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Content marketing prices are hard to find – and there can be good reason for it. Simply put, there’s so many different services available and businesses of differing levels of need when it comes to content marketing, that it’s tough to put just one price on things. For example, a large e-commerce store is going to have very different needs to a local lawyer. However, we also know you need to budget for your marketing just like everything else in your business and we’re all about being helpful and transparent where possible.

Below are our main services and content marketing prices. If there’s anything you don’t see here that you think we can help with, just contact us through our contact form here.


All of our Content Marketing Services aim to:

– Increase the number of customers hitting your website –
– Increase your sales & leads online –
– Increase exposure for your business –


Content Marketing Prices

(Prices not shown in Pounds will fluctuate – exchange rates taken from Yahoo on Monday weekly are given to give you a recent idea of price – exchange rates fluctuate, so please check with your bank to find out the current conversion rate from the pound sterling to your currency. Actual price will be according to the exchange rate with your bank on day of payment)

Weekly Content Marketing Guidance
£40 - £100 per week
(40.00 - 100.00 weekly)
Price options for speed at which you want to grow
Weekly guidance & training to improve your website
Learn yourself or train a staff member better content marketing skills for your business
Once you're happy with your skill level & results, you're free to end your contract - no monthly binding contracts
- Keyword Research & Starter Strategy (£100 separate charge)
- Blog Titles
- Blog Content Advice and Editing
- Search Engine Writing Training
- Blog Promotion Training via PR and Social Media
12 Week Step-by-Step Content Marketing Plan
£900 (750.00)
Step by step plan for 12 weeks of actions you can follow to improve your website & increase sales
Keyword Research
Blog Plan
Social Media Plan
Backlink Plan
Content Writing Guide
POP Content Consultant Follow up & Progress Review at 6 and 12 weeks
Outsourced Content Marketing
Custom Pricing on Request
Completely outsource your content marketing and free up your time to focus on customers
Your website will be edited & optimised for sales and traffic
Blog articles written for both search engines & increased exposure on Social Media
Further business promotion via PR and Social media
Monthly reporting of the stats that matter most to you
No need to hire new content marketing staff
Includes keyword planning, backlinking, guest blogging & more

If you’d like to find out more about POP Content’s content marketing services you can check out our service page here.


Have you ever personally been worried about showing your prices online? We were nervous too. But we’re embracing the challenge here. We know not many businesses like ours does it, so we’ve taken the opportunity to be bolder and open up about our pricing. If you’re not sure about making a pricing page for your business – watch this space as we’ll be writing about it in our blog soon! Social Media Examiner has an excellent post you can read about the subject of pricing and websites here if you can’t wait.

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