Building a reputation to outshine your competitors

  • Amy 
building a reputation to outshine your competitors

Everyone has competitors – some are easier than others to overshadow. If you think your product or service is much better than theirs, but you just can’t seem to break through – content marketing is exactly what you need. Building a reputation to outshine your competitors, on and offline, couldn’t be more important now than ever.

Your online reputation can make or break your business; and when we say that, we don’t just mean your reviews. Google’s highest ‘ranking factor’ is currently your ‘domain authority’ – which is directly correlated with your businesses reputation within it’s industry. Whether you are on board or not, it is already affecting your business on a day to day basis through online search.

People buy from businesses they trust. It used to be that building trust could only be done in person, but with the internet and technology making connection opportunities easier by the day, this is no longer the case. Your customers are reaching out to you online to build a relationship – and it’s up to you to make sure you’ve put the conversation they’re looking for online when they reach out to you, before your competitors do.

Websites that are ranking better than you for search terms related to your business have already done the following better than you:

  • Created content that is useful for their customers
  • Made sure their website is easier to use
  • Promoted their content to the right people
  • Not been afraid to promote content from other competing sites – as long as it’s useful to their customers

All is not lost though; there are always ways you can push to do better. Building a reputation to outshine your competitors may be easier than you think with content marketing. Through a mixture of analysing what your customers already enjoy and share, and researching gaps in your industries content, you can push ahead and make a better reputation online – ultimately leading to more new customers and current customers becoming even more loyal.

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