What you could save $100 on because of Brexit

The votes have been counted and it’s final – Britain are leaving the EU.

No matter which side of the argument you’re on, one thing is for certain – right now the pound has been weakened to a ’31 year low’.

The great thing for you if you run your business outside of the UK and you are looking to buy goods or services from here – you’re now paying 1985 prices! 

If you already work with a UK company, you might want to take advantage of the savings and pay your bills now – especially is you have larger bills – no one knows for certain  how long the low rates will last but they are already beginning to stabilize.

Just so you can get a good feel of what you could be getting in return for your mighty Dollar or Euro today vs last week, we decided to bring up some genuine (sort of) examples of where you could save more than $100 because of Brexit:


Get a Genuine British Guards Bearskin Hat and save $97 (or €64)

bearskin austin powers save $100 brexit

Be like Austin Powers and wear your a genuine bearskin hat with pride while you celebrate all the great savings you made with Brexit. Okay, it’s not quite a $100 saving, but we figure with postage and packaging you’ll be hitting the mark.


Stay in a London Underground Tube Tent and save $320 (or €206)


It’s a little more British than the Eurostar and now you & 15 other adults can stay in an underground tube tent wherever takes your fancy – whether it’s Glastonbury, the great British countryside or anywhere else in the world you feel needs to be a little more British. This week you can enjoy a spot of tea in this tent for $320 less than last week!


Go to Brussels & wait for this whole thing to blow over (while saving $172 or €109 )

brussels brexit holiday

If you fancy escaping to Europe after the referendum – why not head to the heart of it all in Brussels? You can stay for a week in the Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo for £1079, a luxury 5 star hotel and do things Shaun of the Dead style during Brexit – just wait for this whole thing to blow over.


Buy 157 boxes of Yorkshire Tea (or 37,680 tea bags) while saving $100 or €63

british tea brexit

Last year we voted on another matter of historic significance – which is the best british tea? Although the turnout didn’t seem to be quite so high, our own Yorkshire Tea won by quite a large margin. If you are a lover of the great british cuppa, this week you could save $100 dollars on the stuff compared to last week – if you’re stocking up for the next Armageddon.


Send A Dairy Cow to Africa and save $107 (or €71)

save $100 brexit

If you’re feeling a little generous and you have an extra $866 in your back pocket – you could send a dairy cow to Africa for over $100 less than you would have last week. They need a splash of milk for their brews too, after all.


Get a genuine Red British Phone Booth to tell all your friends the Brexit news (and save $485 or €313)

british phone booth save 100 brexit

Just like the Red phone booth, Britain being part of the EU is about to be a thing of the past. So if it’s always been a dream of yours to own one of these beautiful phone booths, why not buy one now and save on your purchase before the the currency strengthens?


Make a break for it in the Queens own car  and save $32,111 or €20,538

bentley queen brexit

Whether you just fancy roaming around the soon-to-be independent Great British Isles, or you want to make a break for France, you can do it in style in this genuinely Royal car, previously owned by the Queen herself. Apparently the car even has Windsor set as it’s home address on the Sat Nav. Fancy.


Well that’s enough maths for us today. Are there any remarkable/hilarious savings that you don’t see on here that we should add? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are a business based outside of the UK, remember you can save over $100 compared to last week on our 6 month content marketing plans – just contact us to find out more.

  • Where you might have spent $1497 on our 6 monthly content marketing plans just a week ago, you can now get the exact same product for $1333 this week – saving $164
  • If you’re part of the Euro you’ll be saving a lot too – just a week ago you would have spent €1311, this week it would only cost you €1203 saving €108 

Custom Content Marketing Plans: What they are & why you need one

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know content marketing is all about using your website to answer your customers questions, bring in more traffic, new customers and reduce your sales efforts. What’s really important when you begin your content marketing efforts is that you create a custom content marketing plan – built entirely around your own business and customers. Every business is unique and requires a unique approach to their content marketing, which is why initial analysis and custom content marketing plans are so important.

So let’s kick this off with the most obvious question:

What Is A Custom Content Marketing Plan?

what is a custom content marketing plan

A custom content marketing plan should be developed after a good content marketing strategy and website analysis has been performed.

It should be a list or calendar of actions that need to be performed on certain dates/times in order to achieve your strategies goal. Once you know what your aims are for your content marketing, who you’re targeting with your content etc,  your plan should be made up of smaller steps to work towards that goal.

The best custom content marketing plans will contain detailed actions – the more detailed the better.

For example, if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website from your target market, it should include actions about not only what content you should write on your own website that will attract them, but also where they can already be found online and specific actions that should be taken to actively engage them and draw them to that content.

Personally, I prefer having a custom content marketing plan cut down to weekly actions.

Frequency is important in content marketing, but it is also important not to over schedule yourself, or you may start to become inconsistent in your content delivery, which isn’t a good idea.

When you develop your plan, be realistic with the amount of time you have to invest in your weekly actions, and try to stick with your plan. If you overestimate the time you have and make your content marketing stressful, it can be really off putting and you may end up pushing your efforts to one side completely – you only have to look at the number of blogs out there that haven’t posted in 6 months+ to understand how easily that can happen. If you can only publish once a fortnight, that’s okay.

It’s always better to have great, incredibly useful, consistent content than to have rubbish content no one will actually read blasted out all in the space of 3 months then never again.

What Custom Content Marketing Plans Should All Have

Whether you have your custom content marketing plan created for you by a content marketing agency or consultancy like POP Content, or you develop one yourself, there’s  a couple of things you will want to keep consistent no matter what your industry.

measuring success custom content marketing

  1. Aims & Goals

    Your aims and goals are going to be really important when you are developing a custom content marketing plan. A clearly defined end result will not only help you keep focused on what kinds of content you’ll want to produce and whether a tactic is right for you to invest in or not, but it will also help you figure out at the end of your plan whether or not you were successful, and where you can improve in the future.

  2. Content to be created

    This is going to be a critical step; after all, content marketing is all about content (or at least 50% of it is). In any case, it’s vital to research and plan out what content you’re going to be creating for your audience. You’ve got to create content that will work towards your overall goal; so do your research and find out what content is already doing well with your target market.

    What content is driving traffic to other websites; what content is being shared a lot in your industry? See if you can develop content ideas around these types of content – and find out how you can do them even better. Build them into your custom content marketing plan.

    Your custom content plan, if done by a professional, should also include expertise on how to write good content for both your audience AND search engines. If you’ve read your plan and you’re not sure if the content you’ve written is right – you can always get a quick check done by a POP Content marketing consultant.

    If you’d like a short guide that covers how to write content for search engines, sign up to our email list and you’ll get our quick start traffic guide – completely free of charge.

  3. How you are going to promote that content

    Creating the content is only half the battle. It’s not a case of ‘built it and they will come’ with good content. You’ve got to get the word out, and to the right people. Instead of just blasting it out to all your friends and family, try to figure out where people are actually searching for your type of content already – and get to know the community there.

    Promoting your content is a lot easier to do when you’re promoting it to people who are genuinely interested in reading it. 

    A good custom content marketing plan will also contain detailed actions on what you should be doing and when to promote your content in these areas; specific influencers you might want to get in touch with (and how to do this), areas of PR you should be getting involved with and how to connect the dots with these different people and your content.

  4. Measuring success

    When you create your content plan, you should make sure to take note of your goals, whether it’s the number of new contact forms filled out, the amount of traffic coming to your website or the number of email sign ups – make sure you write it down and measure it. That way, you can review your stats at the end of your plan and see what has worked well and what didn’t work as well as planned. No one creates anything perfect the first time – what’s important is to measure the outcome of your plan and improve wherever possible.

    Like many content marketers and SEO consultants, I like to use Google analytics – it’s completely free, and although it doesn’t share all of the information it knows, it’s fairly simple to install. You can even install ‘goal tracking’ so if your goal is something like reaching a certain number of filled out forms, Google analytics can track it for you. You can also sync up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get a better idea of what Google currently thinks your website is about – which can be particularly helpful if you’re doing analysis for your content marketing strategy.

Why You Need A Custom Content Marketing Plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” as they say.

Creating a plan not only gives you a schedule of actions to perform, it frees up your head from having to swap so frequently from day to day working and your content marketing efforts. If you don’t have a plan, every time you stop to perform some of your content marketing, you’ll  waste a lot of time trying to refocus yourself onto what your content marketing plan is, and how your website and social media presences are doing, before figuring out what your next action is.

Having a plan also means that you can schedule time in to perform the work needed on a given day, so it’s one less thing to worry about and you’ll be much more likely to remember to do it.

Be efficient with your time, and your content marketing efforts will pay off.

wasting time content marketing plans

If you either pay someone else to create a plan for you or simply spend a week or so to develop a custom content marketing plan on your own, it will mean losing a lot less time in the future and it will make sure that all of your efforts will be working towards the right  goal. There’s less chance of you getting distracted and more chance of you focusing your time on writing great content that converts your website visitors to customers.

Ultimately, you’ll be much more likely to succeed with your content marketing efforts if you have a plan.

Want A Professional Custom Content Marketing Plan?

If you would like a professional custom content marketing plan – you are of course always welcome to get one from POP Content. We specialise in content marketing – we eat, breathe and sleep the stuff – and we’d be more than happy to help you on your way to growing your business online.

Get in touch via our contact page here.

Comment below if you have anything you’d like to add about how to create great custom content marketing plans! We’d love to answer any questions you have, add more tips if you have any, or hear about your success using any tips you found on our content marketing blog.


Most Unusual Backlinking Techniques – Straight From Expert SEOs

I searched far and wide for some input on unusual backlinking techniques from some expert SEOs, so you could hopefully use some of these SEO tactics to get your website some more valuable traffic! So let’s dive in and see what secret backlinking techniques they shared.

Some of the answers may surprise; others may even make you ‘laugh out loud’ – especially if you are as geeky as me.

Why on earth should you worry about backlinks?

Do you know what the number one factor is that affects your search engine rankings?


That is to say, links to your website from other websites.

seo backlinking unusual techniques

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should buy spammy links from loads of other websites – search engines have grown wise to these tactics, and they’re only set to grow wiser. And although sharing your links on your social media channels is a good idea, some of these links are ‘no follow’ – which basically means that you won’t get the kudos from Google for having them.

Brian Dean at Backlinko analysed 1 million search results to find what the biggest factors in SEO were – and he says,

“Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.”

You did read that right – more than any other factor.

So it is bad for your website to get bad backlinks; but it’s incredibly important to get a number of good backlinks from different domains.

But how do you do that?

Well, I’ll give you a number of options, but let’s start with…

The usual backlinking techniques

Sometimes the normal ones are the most effective, so I thought I’d run through a couple of simple ones for you before we get onto the unusual, weird and wonderful stuff.

Backlinking technique 1: Writing excellent content – better than your competitors – and sharing it with people who care

If you’ve never done this, you are missing out. This one should always be part of a good content marketing strategy.

Check out your competitors blog, or search for ‘influencers’ in your industry; see which articles they are writing that are getting the most shares and links. [Tip: you can easily find out a competitors backlinks with OpenLinkProfiler for free] If you can – take their content, and do it better. For example, if they give 5 ways to find the right car for you – you should aim to do at least 10. Or maybe they have a guide that’s good but lacking a bit; write your own but make it much more detailed and more useful for the reader.

unusual backliking techniques content marketing
Writing good content takes time and effort – but the rewards can be incredible if you do it right!

Once you’ve done this, reach out to the people who have linked to your competitors content or shared it before; and simply mention you thought they might be interested in the more detailed guide. If your stuff is better, they’re likely to pick up on it and link to you too. [Tip: If you develop a relationship with the influencer/sharer first, they’re much more likely to be open to linking to your content. Start a genuine conversation and don’t talk all about you – find out what interests them and be helpful if you can]

Create amazing content – check. Scratch influencers backs and they’ll scratch yours – check.

Backlinking technique 2: Performing good PR

PR is a great way to get good links to your website; featuring in an article, especially on a high authority website, can be hugely beneficial for your SEO.

And you don’t necessarily need an agency to do it.

Unless you don’t have time. In which case – get an agency on the case. If you do have the time to work on it yourself, you can check out free resources, like using the hashtag ‘HARO’ (help a reporter out) on Twitter, or ‘JournoRequest’ if you’re in the UK like I am. This is a hashtag many journalists use when they’re looking for sources to help them for an article. The thing to focus on if you are trying to do your own PR, is to make sure you’re being helpful to the journalist and actually providing value to their story – not just promoting your business.  If you’re purely self promotional, you’re very unlikely to get into any articles.

Opportunities via these twitter feeds might not always seem relevant to your business; but even if you offer an opinion on something else, exposure to who you are and what you do can always benefit your business. For example, if a journalist is asking for mum’s tips on saving time on the school run – it could seem irrelevant to your business. However, you could give lots of tips and a nice story about how you used one to help your child achieve an award for ‘perfect attendance’ – all while running your own business. That way, you could get a small mention of your business, and likely a link to your website if the journalist is listing sources well. Not to mention, if your target market happens to be other mum’s, you’ll be building a genuine rapport with them through your story as you become more relatable.

Only mention your business where it’s relevant; and even if you work on helping a journalists out with no exposure for your business specifically, you can always be asked to be kept on file and work on developing a relationship with that journalist. If you do that, they’re much more likely to think of you when an opportunity for exposure comes up later.

Get onto Twitter for free PR opportunities – check. Help reporters for the sake of their story first and foremost – check.

guest blogging unusual backlinking techniques Backlinking technique 3: Reaching out to influential bloggers in your field

Reaching out to bloggers in your industry who already have your target audience paying attention can be an amazing way to not only get backlinks, but a lot of traffic and exposure for your business. 

To find bloggers in your industry, I like to Google a related search term, like ‘content marketing’ for myself, then scroll through the ‘news’ tab. You can search for blogs, or even have a look at some of the latest posts in popular news websites in your industry. Often you can look to the author and check out their own blog.

Reach out to them and ask if they’d like to test out your product or service for free and review it on their website. If they’re happy to, you could end up with a great review piece from someone who’s already got an audience in your industry – and a great quality backlink to boot.

Find influencers – check. Get reviews written about your products and services – check.

Now onto the unusual stuff!

Unusual Backlinking Techniques from some SEO Experts

Now we’ve covered some of the normal stuff, here are some of the more unusual backlinking techniques I thought you might like. I picked out ones that are genuinely actionable; so I hope it’s of some benefit to you all!

Unusual Backlinking Technique 1: Reverse Backlinking

If you have been working on your PR already, are a keen social networker or have been an established business for years – you might already have some genuinely great back link opportunities just waiting for you to tap into them.

Steven Mills from PMC Telecom told us about an unusual technique he wrote about for Tech Mag.

The theory goes something like this:

  • People are already talking about your business online and some may even be posting articles mentioning you
  • You can find those people using Google Alerts – and contact them to ask if they wouldn’t mind adding a link to your site for reference when they mentioned you
  • A lot of the time – if you’re nice about it – people will add a backlink where they’ve already mentioned you

google alerts for unusual reverse backlinking seo

If you’d like the full run down on how this works, and even some email template examples you can use, check out his full article “3 Step Reverse Link Building With Mentions.” here.

Check for your business name online for unlinked content – check. Reach out to the writers and ask for a link – check.

Unusual Backlinking Technique 2: Careful Guest Posting

David Vallance from Digital Impact spoke to me about a classic backlinking technique – but with an unusual twist. A lot of people have tried guest posting to get backlinks; however, as usual, Google has says it has grown wise to the technique and doesn’t always give it the credit it deserves these days.

David, however, has been finding it useful – but says it’s more about quality than quantity – much like writing articles for your content marketing!
Here’s what he had to say:

Google’s ex-head of web spam once said that guest posting is dead. Well, don’t believe him. It’s alive and it’s awesome — if you do it right.

While older guest posting was all about the quantity, modern guest posting is about the quality of placements. To be honest, it’s less about building backlinks and more about tapping into an audience.

Target high-traffic, high-engagement industry-specific websites. Start by cosying up to the editor, sharing their existing work and engaging with it on social media or in the comments. Let them know you aren’t just another guest post spammer.

Once you’ve built up a rapore, pitch them your idea. Include a plan or structure and explain why you think it’d resonate with their audience. Sending generic requests is the perfect way to get ignored so make sure every pitch you send is tailored to them.

Much like good PR, it’s all about relationships and helping people out. Look for good places to guest post – that hopefully have a good domain authority – and start to build up a relationship using the channels you have available. Spending the time on a quality link rather than spamming out for many low quality links, sounds like a good strategy – and it seems to have worked well for David.

Find genuine websites in your industry that have a high amount of traffic – check. Reach out and spend time developing relationships – check. Tailor guest post pitches to each specific site – check.

Unusual Backlinking Technique 3: The message in a bottle technique

Ben Austin from Ben Austin & Associates LLC, a digital marketing & communications group in New York, told us of this tongue in cheek – but genuinely helpful tip.

It goes something like this:

  1. Write your link on a piece of paper, along with the keywords you hope to rank for & the message ‘please link back to me’
  2. Roll up the piece of paper and put it into an empty bottle. Cork it, making sure it’s water tight.
  3. Set it out to sea, and look out for other bottles that may also contain links you can link to.
  4. If you find one – notify a big, relevant online news site like TechCrunch with an exclusive pitch about how you managed to get a backlink using a ridiculous method like the message in a bottle technique
  5. Wait for the backlinks to flow in – and mega traffic from your ridiculous story

The truth is, although this one’s a long shot – it does have genuine merit behind it. An unusual, weird or wonderful story will make your content stand out.

message in a bottle unusual backlinking technique seo

Ben says:

It’s a cute novelty story and someone would take it. Then, once that story drops, I would get about 100,000 backlinks the old fashioned way — via hype.

Creating hype around a good story is a completely legitimate way to get good backlinks; people want to read interesting stuff, so if you do something genuinely different or unusual in your business – write a story about it, or pitch it to a relevant news site.

I managed to get over 2 and a half million views on Reddit – and a genuine news site backlink to my website -for a business in Dundee that delivers fresh farm produce via a vending machine. So I know this works!

Find or do something unusual – work on creating hype – and you’ll reap the rewards in backlinks and traffic too.

Create an unusual story – check. Promote it and watch the links flow in – check.

Unusual Backlinking Technique 4: Do things the right way

Charles E. Snyder III from River Valley Hosting & Web Design told us, the most unusual way to get backlinks – seems to be doing things the right way.  He references many content marketing style techniques – focusing a lot of effort on creating genuinely quality content and promoting your content through social media.

He says:


  1. Create quality content that people want to consume
  2. Get social (i.e. leverage social media)
  3. Guest blogging/guest bloggers
  4. Blog often (3 – 5 times per week for at least six months)
  5. Offer premium content (i.e. white papers, infographics, ebooks, etc.)

Straight to the point – he highlights some excellent tips and hilarious insight – to see his complete and somewhat comedic answer to my question, you can check it out here on Quora.

Create genuinely great content  – check. Promote through social media & guest blogging – check.

Unusual Backlinking Technique 5: Writing reviews or testimonials

This is one I heard from Bryan Harris on the SPI Podcast – and it’s an awesome one!

unusual backlinking techniques seo testimonials

As a business, we all want to show off good reviews – the longer and more genuine, the better. They attract and convert new customers – but the problem is – not many people can really be bothered to write them.

But if you write them for other people – it’s a genuinely great way to earn backlinks to your website.

Think about the tools, products or services you use as a business on a day to day basis. If you can spend 5 – 10 minutes send a good review to the owner, along with notifying them that you would be happy for them to feature the review on their website, you’re highly likely to get a back link. The more thorough and quotable the review, the better.

Find tools and services you already use and write reviews – check. Email reviews to the business and add permissions to use the review on their website – check.


Backlinking is vital to any online marketing campaign.

Working on genuine links can be a lot of work, but it’s the only way forward for long term success – Google is cracking down on spam, black hat methods, so avoid buying links from dodgy website and work on developing quality content that will not only earn you links but will turn your traffic into real customers.

Using any of the techniques above should up your link building game along as long as you have genuinely great content to share.


I hope you enjoyed those tips and that they’ll help you on your way to gaining some great backlinks – whether you choose to use the usual or unusual backlinking techniques. If you know of any other unusual backlinking techniques, I’d love to add them to the list – just contact me through the contact page.

If you really enjoyed this article and want more direct to your inbox, sign up to our email list for weekly content marketing emails and zero spam. You’ll also get a free quick start traffic guide when you sign up as a little thank you and to get you started with your own website.

As always guys – thanks for reading.